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for the 2019 Catholic Charity Appeal

The Office of Stewardship & Development is committed to ensure a successful Catholic Charity Appeal both at the parish and diocesan levels.
Therefore, as you conduct your parish Appeal effort, we encourage you to click on the links listed on this page which will provide you with helpful information and resources. If you have any questions regarding the Catholic Charity Appeal, please contact Robert Corcoran at (401) 277-2121, or you can reach him by e-mail:
Each year the Office of Stewardship & Development processes tens of thousands of gifts to the Catholic Charity Appeal. Processing these gifts in a timely manner is critical in order for our office to provide the most up-to-date donor reports to parishes. Our goal is to dramatically reduce the amount of time expended in processing gifts, especially during the high volume months of March, April and May.
Pastors, chairpersons and Catholic Charity Appeal committees rely heavily on these donor reports when conducting their follow-up efforts to ensure that every parishioner has the opportunity to make a gift. 
We ask that each parish send regular, timely returns for processing. Do not hold returns as this will delay processing. The returns will include all in-pew envelopes or pledge cards. For additional information about submitting parish returns for processing, please refer to page 29 of the Leadership Resource Manual
We ask that you instruct parishioners through bulletin announcements, pulpit announcements and lay witness presentations not to make checks payable to the parish. Rather, all individual donor checks should be made payable to Catholic Charity Appeal. 
Including in your parish Tool Kit will be 5 sheets or 70 “New Parishioner” in-pew labels to be used when a parishioner label cannot be located.
In most cases, this will occur when there is a new parishioner who has made a gift. If you cannot locate an in-pew parishioner label, simply place this label, which states that a label cannot be found, in the box indicated on the in-pew envelope. This will enable our gift processors to assign the correct parish affiliation for each gift, thereby ensuring that your parish receives credit for the new parishioner gift.
We kindly ask that you separate your in-pew envelopes or pledge cards into groups:
  • Name
  • Pledges
  • One-time gifts
  • Direct debit gifts
  • Matching gifts
  • United Way gifts
  • SECA gifts
  • Payroll Deduction forms. 
All Easter checks should be made payable to Diocesan Service Corporation and mailed along with your parish Easter Pledge Card to the Diocesan Fiscal Office. 
Due to changes in the national auditing standards, our diocesan auditors have informed us that parish Appeal expenses should not be deducted directly from Catholic Charity Appeal receipts. Please complete this Expense Reimbursement Form specifying the expenses incurred with a copy of the expense receipts and mail to the address above. The Catholic Charity Appeal will then reimburse you for your Appeal expenses under separate cover.

2019 Catholic Charity Appeal Workshop Video (Coming Soon)

If you were unable to attend our Catholic Charity Appeal Workshop, please view the video below. If you have any questions regarding this year’s Appeal, please call Robert Corcoran in the Office of Stewardship & Development at (401) 277-2121.



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