Your August Diocese of Providence Update

August 2016

The extreme, warm temperatures we’ve had in Rhode Island will soon make way for the beautiful, crisp nights of autumn. “Fall” is a time of transition. And a perfect time to reflect on the opportunities our generous Catholic community has provided for those in Rhode Island through the 2016 Catholic Charity Appeal.

Many of our neighbors throughout our state depend on our ministries for help during times of crisis. Many turn to the Diocese of Providence when they are going through their own personal transition.

This includes new and soon-to-be mothers within Rhode Island ... at a critical time that, for many, can be a tremendous challenge. They are alone. They struggle to take care of themselves or their unborn child or infant during their life-changing transition.

Thanks to a caring Rhode Island Catholic community that supports the Diocese of Providence through the Catholic Charity Appeal, new moms have a place to turn when there’s nowhere else to go. The spiritual support they need, or a friend or someone to talk to, is available within the Office of Life and Family, a ministry supported by the Diocese of Providence.

Office of Life and Family - St. Gabriel’s Call

St. Gabriel’s Call is an outreach ministry helping young mothers during their pregnancy and throughout their early years as a parent. Women, children, and families get the assistance they need when facing a crisis, during pregnancy, and throughout their transition into parenthood. 

We provide a safety net during a difficult and challenging time for mothers...especially those who find little support elsewhere. Many of the young mothers we help are without parents, without family, and without friends of their own. Many can’t afford the items a child can’t go without: diapers, a car seat, a blanket, clothing, a crib, a stroller ...

St. Gabriel’s Call goes above and beyond for these young moms and also support new dads and their children, too. Carol Owens is the coordinator of the Office Life and Family. She helps so many within our state who turn to one of the ministries within the Office of Life and Family.

Carol recalls a young woman who visits one of the St. Gabriel’s Call locations:

“She has a 12 and a 4-year-old at home. She’s pregnant … with her third child.

The frightened young woman doesn’t have a family to turn to. Her dad died when she was
a young girl. Her mother left, and she was raised by foster parents.

What does she want more than anything? To be part of a loving family. We listen to her story. We know she has already faced many challenges along her journey. But she has faith in God. She has the strength to move forward for her children because that’s who she lives for. Her children.

She is a good, caring mom and just needs a little help. Not only with material items, but
having someone to talk to … someone to listen with compassion and understanding ... without judgement

That’s why she comes to St. Gabriel’s Call.

Another young mom-to-be called asking for help. She feels very much alone, living with
an aging grandparent who raised her. Her parents are both addicts. And she is fighting her own addiction, too, through a local treatment and recovery program.

In addition to providing her the material items she needs as a new parent, we give her
friendship. We give her support, both spiritually and emotionally. Not just during her
pregnancy, but also into her first few years as a new, loving mother.” 

Without our caring Catholic community and people like you who support the Diocese of Providence, these two young women, and so many others like them, have nowhere to turn.

Our goal for the 2016 Catholic Charity Appeal was $8,000,000. By the end of July, the 2016 Appeal had received over 36,000 gifts and raised a total of $8,072,854.

St. Gabriel’s Call is just one of the many ministries of The Office of Life and Family and is sustained by the generosity of our community who support the Diocese of Providence through the Catholic Charity Appeal. 

Your support means we’re able to help the disabled, through The Office of the Apostolate for People with Disabilities ... children who are given the opportunity to grow physically, socially, and spiritually through the Mother of Hope Camp … new Catholic couples preparing for marriage in the Church … young Catholics, and those who wish to become Catholic, will be guided through Faith Formation … and so many others, young and old, who depend on the many ministries within the Diocese of Providence.

The 2016 Catholic Charity Appeal makes a tremendous difference for our Rhode Island neighbors. And we are grateful to be part of such a strong, caring community of Catholics.

I hope you’ll enjoy the remaining days of summer and accept our sincere gratitude for your generosity as a member of the Catholic Diocese of Providence.

Acts 20:35: I have shown you in every way, by laboring like this, that you must support the weak. And remember the words of the Lord Jesus, that He said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’ 





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